Why Do You Need to Travel?

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Travel

We Need to Travel

Our planet is too big for our short lives but we can fit many places which are worth to see to our life. In this way, we can see lots of natural beauty, historical places and also unexplored places by traveling. Sadly, most of us do not have time to travel but we need to travel and we should create time for our psychology, our wisdom and our development in this life.

The first reason why you need to travel is, travelling heals the psychology. Exploring new places makes us feel happy. Having a vacation provides us to be relax. Also being in a different environment, talking to different people teaches us to look different perspective to life. Thinking more than one side to life effects our psychology in a positive way. Moreover, we have a new experiences to talk about. We can write about our travel time to our journal or blog. In this way, we encourage people to travel like us. Encouraging people makes us feel happy and excited. Psychologically we reach the relief with the help of travelling.

Secondly, our wisdom will be increased if we become a traveler. Facing with other cultures, trying different tastes, learning other peoples lives are promote the relations between us and other people. Human is curious creature and learning becomes non-stop activity when we are travelling. Travelling flows our fountain of wisdom.

The final reason why you need to travel is, travelling develops us. For example, if you are travelling for your job to other countries, you can get more customers for your work and you can be successful and earn more money. Communication with foreign people and visit them in other countries develops us and also develops our country.

In conclusion, we need to create more time for travelling. Stocking in same place can not bring us any improvement. With travelling we had more positive psychology, great wisdom and development.


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