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Halloween Recipes

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Crafts, Eat & Drink, Recipes

There is an oil painting which is painted by Vincent Van Gogh. The name of the painting is called “Starry Night”. The painting show us the beauty of the sky at night. There is a yellow, bright shining new moon on the right side of painting and the sky is dark blue. It feels like cold but the yellow moon warms our hearts. There are stars all over the sky colored silver and gold tones.Painter might be wanted to empasize a deep darkness in his point of viewto sky with drawing glorious, dark colored hill on the left side of painting. That hill is in front of the painting and it is covered very big place of painting. Under the sky, there is a village. We saw all of the houses beneath the mountains around houses. The lights are open in some of the houses. In this visuality, the sky is the most importabt issue.