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Posted: May 30, 2012 in Writings

The night began to fall. Vincent was driving home from his office. He had an exhausting day as always. He thought he had no problems in his life at all but his thoughts were extremely problematic. With these thoughts he increased the speed of his expensive car.
When he arrived home, the dinner was ready and his children welcomed him with joyful hugs. Vincent was not a very talkative person when he was with his family. After dinner Vincent took a long bath to relax and memorized the dayhe passed. His wife Judy was waiting for him on the bed for a sleep but Vincent was supposed to revise his works on his laptop. He told his wife: “I will be back soon. I need to check something about the job. You try to sleep honey.” After he gave a kiss on Judy’s lips, he opened his laptop and took a glass of old Scotch with ice. His workplace had a fireplace and Vincent threw pieces of wood in it. Scotch and fire kept Vincent get warmer after the bath. He was still sitting with his bathrobe in front of his laptop.
Vincent opened a file named “Veronika Dernier”. He examined Veronika’s file which included her past, the medications she took and information about her family. Veronika was a 20 year old young girl about Vincent’s daughter’s age. Vincent had known the feelings and attitudes about young girls because of his daughter but Veronica’s situation was different. Despite of her age, she had very tragic and depressive experiences. She lost her mother at her early ages and her father was an alcoholic. She was exposed to violence and got raped by her father and she had lost her mother in front of her eyes. Her aunt Melinda was taking care of her. Melinda brought Veronica to Vincent for her suicidal attitudes.
It was almost 3 in the morning and Vincent’s phone hotly rang. Veronica’s aunt Melinda was calling and she begged for help with a loud voice. Veronika took all the pills which Vincent gave her and Vincent wished he had kept her under surveillance. The ambulance took Veronika to hospital and doctors washed her stomach.
Happily Veronika survived and psychologist Vincent gained an experience. He will become more interested and more sensitive with his patients.


There is an oil painting which is painted by Vincent Van Gogh. The name of the painting is called “Starry Night”. The painting show us the beauty of the sky at night. There is a yellow, bright shining new moon on the right side of painting and the sky is dark blue. It feels like cold but the yellow moon warms our hearts. There are stars all over the sky colored silver and gold tones.Painter might be wanted to empasize a deep darkness in his point of viewto sky with drawing glorious, dark colored hill on the left side of painting. That hill is in front of the painting and it is covered very big place of painting. Under the sky, there is a village. We saw all of the houses beneath the mountains around houses. The lights are open in some of the houses. In this visuality, the sky is the most importabt issue.


Posted: May 30, 2012 in Writings

When we face with hard situations in life, it can be normal for for human beings to lose self confidence. Even though losing self confidence effects us negatively, we can develope our self confidence by following three important steps.
First of all, keeping ourselves busy with works which we are good at gives us a power and makes us feel useful and happy. When we think we are good at something, it immadiately improve our self confidence. For example; sometimes I feel depressed or do not feel self confident when I face with hard situations like taking low marks on exams or could not prapare my work excatly the way I want. In these kind of situations, I give a break for me to keep myself calm and positive. I open a music which makes me relax and I open an empty, clear page on my sketchbook. Then I start sketching on it. After I relaxed myself, I look at the drawing which I made and immadiately I gain the self confidence again because I find myself successful about this subject.
Next, we need to be people who have same interest with us. Making conversations and being in the same activities with them develope our self confidence. It makes us feel acceptable in the society. If you share the same purpose or ideas with them, they are easily affected you. Also a group of people in a larger society who are the same in some way have lots of things to do and share together. The scientific facts about relationships shows that common interests makes people closer such as best friends or beloveds.
Finally, we should learn to live with our mistakes and negative attitudes. We need to accept us as we are and take a lesson from our mistakes. We should not forget that nobody is perfect. Living with regrets causes just barriers in our lives and we need to move on with full of confidence. We need to overcome obstacles in our lives with taking ourselves in the rough. When you make a mistake or get rejected, look at mistakes as a learning experiences.
In conclution, giving time to our hobbies, being in a social life and accepting ourselves without judgement developes our self confidence.We would learn to be self confident with following these importants steps which I mentioned. Our lives will glow with proud if we had self confidence.

Getting Over a Disappointment

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Writings
Dissapointment is one of the natural reaction of our feelings. When someone upsets you abruptly, unfortunately it would be a bad suprise but we need to provide for these emergencies because it is natural reaction for human beings but we can get over a dissapointment by following three important steps.
            First of all, we need to accept the disapointment, be honest and remember this saying; “Every cloud has a silver lining.” Sometimes it can be difficult to let it go but we need to admit defeats because if we never dissapoint, we could not understand the joy and happiness around us. Understanding and accepting the dissapointment is a desicion. First, you need to search the causes of your dissapointment and these causes modify your direction. For example, if somebody dissapointed you and you are really feel bad, do not say it is not problem for you. Being honest gives you an advantage in this kind of situation. After the response of the person who dissapointed you, forgiving is your desicion.
Next, you can dissapointed about events in life too. When there is not any occasion of other people, try to be calm and try to see the good sides of  the event. For example; last week my uncle plays a lottory game and he hit five colons of the game. If he were hit the all six colons, he won the trillions of the money but there is a positive side of it. Even though he could not earn trillions, he won two million. It is better than nothing.
Finally, you can disapointted about your dreams too. Try to find a new goals and try to focus on your dreams. Do not give up. There are always a solution but methods are important in there. If you think despite doing everything, you are still in dissapointment about your dreams, be realistic.
In conclution, with being honest to people with accepting your disapointment, being happy and seeing the little joys around you and running after your goals help you to get over any kind of disapointment in your life.

European Union

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European Union is the important issue for some of politicians and citizents around world but some of them are not volunteer of getting into E.U. Some public of supporters of getting into E.U are making an effort but some of them are find this situation unnecessary. There are some possible causes of supporter’s need to get into E.U. and also effects on countries.
The first reason of people who are volunteer of the E.U is, make their country more powerful, effective and having a voice around successful countries. They find success in E.U. and also it develops their relations between developed countries. Development means that the ethical effort to show their success. For example, nowadays smoking indoors are forbidden in Turkey because of the law of E.U. smoking is not ethical indoors. Within the forbidden smoking, they are trying to get in the E.U.
The second reason is that, there are lots of members of E.U. who are in the economic crisis recently.They hope that, when they are in the E.U. they will have well economy. Tourism will be more active if the country is the member of E.U. The currency will be current around all the citizents and foreign people. The visas will be abolish and with the situation of tourism, the country can earn more money.
All these causes are considered, there are also positive effects of being in E.U. The government should realize that the effects for growing their country is for their wealth because of these positive effect which i will mention.
The effect of being in E.U is, they are more acceptable around world. When they need to give any message for the world, the countires which are around them are listen their point of view more carefully if they are in E.U. For instance, members of European Union countries are more acceptable around the competitions like Eurovision or Olympics.
In conclution, European Union shows that the power of countries and supporters of E.U. has more advantage around world. The effort of being in E.U. is very important case around countries.


Types of Teachers

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If you look at people around you, you can realize that all people are different from each other but basically we can catagorize them about their attitudes. Also there are experds who are watching them and writing report for their attitudes or personality to the magazines, news or web sources. As the same of all the people around the world, the characteristics of teachers are also depends on their personality. Therefore, there are distinct characteristics can be discussed when we evolve our school life about the teachers. These are friendly and funny teachers, ideal teachers and also strict teachers.
To begin with friendly and funny teachers are the students dream teachers. When they are try to teach their students, they also wants to have fun. Most of the students could not bored in their classes because of the joy of their eyes are attrack the children. Friendly teachers gain confidence from their studens and they will get into the students personal life too without no effort because most of the students are trusting them without judgement. They mostly have colorful and energic dressing style and they seem there are lots of happiness inside them. Sometimes it can be a problem about respect because students can see them like their friend.
Having a look at friendly and funny teachers, there are also the ideal teachers whose personality is very close to friendly and funny teachers. Except from the their attitudes of their students they are not too much close to their students. They are taking an interest of their students but they assign a limit between their relationships when they are in lesson. Their pupose is; teaching and learning in class and personal issues should be discussed outside the class. Mostly their apperance is natural and not distractive when they are teaching. Ideal teachers are very respectible ones.
Unlike the personalities of teachers which i mentioned, there are also strict teachers. These teachers are very daunting and tough for the students. They only takes care of the rules and their lessons. It can be difficult for agree to disagree with them. Students can be afraid of making mistakes because of their hardness. Their image of apperance comes to mind in a formal way of dressing style.

In conclution, there are different kinds of teachers like every human beings and also we can classify them with looking their attitudes in work.